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Flandria is the flemish quality label for fruit and vegetables and is a permanent fixture in flemish and foreign fruit and vegetable departments. It guarantees environmentally-aware growing, quality and freshness. Only top-quality products with perfect flavour and impeccable appearance deserve the Flandria label.

Wide Flandria range

The Flandria story started with tomatoes and chicory. Meanwhile, there are already 70 different fruits and vegetables that bear our label. The range consists of typical flemish outdoor vegetables such as Belgian endive, sprouts and asparagus. On the other hand, the quality label adorns more ‘southern’ vegetables such as peppers, zucchini and eggplant, which are grown in our greenhouse. In addition to the traditional vegetables, Flandria producers also focus on innovation. Thus in the meantime there is a wide range of Flandria specialities: for example a broad selection of tomatoes in every shape and colour, mini peppers or sweet pointed peppers, salad mixes still with their roots or mini Belgian endive.

Family businesses with the aid of scientists

All Flandria vegetables come from family businesses. This allows the farmer to feel personally involved in his own product. Furthermore, he is professionally supported by scientists and product developers. We are constantly working to improve the taste and shelf life of our products. After all, in-depth examination of varieties is carried out at test centres, both at production level in labs and via consumer panels who assess the flavour. Because tasty fruit and vegetables are the absolute priority of the Belgian supplier.

Flandria specifications focus on sustainable efforts

The keywords in the cultivation of Flandria products are: respect for the environment and hygiene. When it comes to greenhouse vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers, bumblebees are used for fertilisation. It goes without saying that people who work here use appropriate cultivation practices and use natural enemies of pests. The use of chemical agents could also kill the hardworking bees. And that’s obviously not our intention! Even our field vegetables are put in the ecological balance. The fertilisation was based on soil analysis and advice. Crop protection is applied in exceptional cases. Furthermore, Flandria producers are also very conscious of their consumption of water and energy. They strive for sustainable production, which is visible thanks to the ‘Responsibly Fresh’ label.


In addition, each farmer must adhere to very strict rules in terms of quality and size. To be awarded the Flandria label, the producers must meet the quality described in the Flandria specifications.  There are requirements with regard to the varieties used, physical characteristics such as shape, sorting, ripeness, firmness and absence of foreign substances. Even the production of the Flandria products itself is subject to strict production conditions. Thus there are provisions about the choice of cultivation land, the plant material used, the nutrients and irrigation. The markings on the box can be used to trace the package back to its origin.

Auctioning: a dynamic selling system

Thanks to the ultramodern sales facility and the smooth operation of the auction house, delivery of produce by the grower, quality inspection, sales and loading take place with utmost speed and efficiency. The auction clock offers the best deal for all players in the market.
Flandria products are sold by three auctions:
www.belorta.be - www.reo.be - www.hoogstraten.eu.

Simultaneous auctioning

The demand in the fruit and vegetable sector for large batches of produce of the same quality and grading is particularly high. Belgian auction houses introduced simultaneous auctions years ago in response to this factor and the whole country is now using this system. In this way produce can be sourced in the auction room as well as through the in-house buying system.

Flandria products are known for their juicy flavour and freshness. Fresher than ever: Flandria vegetables and fruits are in store the very next day. The farmers harvest in the morning and bring it to the auction in the afternoon. There the products are held in cold storage until the next morning. They are then immediately loaded on refrigerated trucks and transported to the points of sale. The modern sales force and smooth operation make sure that delivery of the products by the producer, quality control, sales and loading is done in the quickest and most efficient manner.

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Loving fruit and vegetables from Flanders?

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