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  • Fruit and Vegetables
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Address: Eugeen Coolsstraat 66
Postal code: 3460
Telephone no.(s): +32 (0) 16 779 758, +32 (0) 473 21 58 76
E-mail address (general): louis@devosgroup.com

Company information

Company number: 0867.270.070
Company manager(s): Pieter Devos
Export manager(s): Louis De Cleene
Pieter Devos
Certificates: British Retail Consortium (BRC) , EU organic farming , Guide Self-Checking G014 (G014) , GlobalG.A.P. , QS
Legal form: Private Limited Liability Company
Languages: German , English , French , Dutch , Spanish

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Fruit and Vegetables

    Fresh fruit

    • Apples
    • Pears
    • Strawberries
    • Cherries

Fruit and Vegetables

    Fresh fruit

    • Apples
    • Pears


Fruit and Vegetables

exporter, breeder / grower, packaging

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About the company

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Devos Group is a grower-based export company. Our family business is specialized in the production and export of Belgian pears and apples. We are a leading company in the production of conference pears and our exclusive red Primo apple. Thanks to our corporation with other producers we also offer other types of fruits and vegetables. Devos Group has a production area of 130 ha, cooling capacity of 8000 tons and two ultra modern packing lines. Our all-in-one company delivers products direct from the grower, ensuring higher quality and flexible service. We are always looking for reliable partners to work with on a long-term basis.